Take inspections seriously!

Digitise forms, avoid errors and free up time for what matters.

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Are you tired of finding out who did what?

  • Standardize inspections
  • Get consistent data filled out correctly every time!
  • Updated documents at your fingertips

Correcting other people's errors and mistakes?

  • Eliminate inspection mistakes
  • Ensure that every inspection is completed
  • With the right format, by the right people, at the right time

Spending all day making and sending reports?

  • Create reports automatically
  • With just a few clicks
  • Share, export, and print results anytime you like

Digitalise your inspections on Flows

Beautiful forms on your favourite device

Collect consistant data, and get an updated overview of who did what, anytime, anywhere. 

Out-of-the box templates

Quality Controls, Safety Procedures, Cleaning Lists and much more..

Reach consistent standards for quality & audits. Spot patterns & stay ahead of regulations.

Checklists includes..

- Quality assurance procedures
- Cleaning lists
- HACCP controls

Use the same inspection templates & run the same reports.

When everyone follows best practices, producing high quality products consistently is easy.

Checklists includes..

- Quality assurance procedures
- Cleaning lists
- HACCP controls
- Traceability checks

Manage goods, claims and packaging in powerful inspection templates

Checklists includes..

- Claims handling processes
- Check-in & check-out procedures


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